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Take Your Facility To The Next Level

Diamond Pharmacy Services utilizes Electronic Health Records and Electronic Medical Records which enables your facility to order and administer medications electronically. This technology reduces the turnaround time as orders are instantly received by our pharmacy specialists. Our paperless pharmacy also enables you to intantly check for drug interactions or allergies, determine the forumlary status and decide if further clarification is needed.

LTC Reporting

LTC Reporting is a robust secure web-based patient profile reporting tool developed by Diamond Pharmacy Services. Overall, our goal of LTC Reporting is to provide you with a simplified reporting process which will enable immediate access to accurate resident data. This system will enable you to have various reporting options, as well as multiple ways to view, sort, and print prescription data based on specified parameters. Furthermore, LTC Reporting offers:

  • Access to download Invoices and Monthly Reporting
  • Educational and Clinical Content updated regularly
  • Facility Medication Destruction module that allows for tracking of onsite medication destruction and the ability to archive these destruction records
  • Instant access to Drug Information Monographs
  • Price a Medication feature that provides quick access for facility to obtain pricing for Medicare Part A/HMO pay medications (non-IV or Compounds)

Concentrated Data: LTC Reporting provides the ability to create customizable reports, showing strictly the data you want to review. In addition, advanced sort and search options will display pertinent data in the format of your choice. LTC Reporting provides the option to perform the following functions:

  • Review multiple facilities individually or collectively (if applicable within the same organization)
  • Select user specified date range for billed data
  • Review multiple therapeutic classes individually or collectively
  • Select by specific prescription classes, OTCs, or Controls
  • Filter by individual or multiple residents, medications, or prescribers
  • Activity by no insurance, insurance only
  • View by brand name medications, generics, or both
  • Group data by your specification
  • Sort by ascending and descending within a grouping


FrameworkLink is one of the elements of Diamond's paperless pharmacy system that allows your facility to:

  • View Orders in Real Time
  • View and Maintain Patient Profiles
  • Maintain Non-Prescription Orders
  • Print Medication Administration Records in Numerous Formats In-House
  • Monitor Drug Interactions, Allergies and Histories
  • Discharge or Transfer Residents
  • One Click Method for Medication Reorders

Electronic Medical Records

Your facility has the option to utilize Electronic Medical Records, which will help to eliminate faxing and phone calls:

  • All Required Paperwork is at Your Fingertips
  • State and Federal Audit and Survey Documentation is Readily Available
  • Reduces Med Pass Times
  • Variety of Reports, Including: Vitals, Diet, Refusals, Etc.
  • Resident Photo ID Verification
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