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How can Diamond save my facility money?

Due to Diamond’s volume buying power and cost effective purchasing patterns, we are confident we are offering your facility the lowest cost available, even on OTC medications. Diamond is Pennsylvania’s largest family owned long term care pharmacy. That volume means Diamond receives the most aggressive pricing from our wholesalers. Those savings are passed directly to your facility.

Diamond also encourages the use of generic medications in accordance with the provisions of state law and the prescriber’s therapeutic objectives. Our pharmacists will substitute a therapeutically equivalent generic medication where permitted, unless the prescriber specifically states otherwise. Generic utilization provides additional cost savings for your facility.

Formulary management is also key in cost savings. Diamond will assist in the implementation, compliance and ongoing maintenance of a cost effective drug formulary for your facility, if requested. The purpose of the formulary is to utilize medications within certain therapeutic classes based on clinical equivalency and cost. Jointly formulating and controlling a medication list with specific prescribing guidelines, will greatly reduce your medication expenditures.

Can Diamond handle my billing needs?

Diamond provides specialized billing of Medicare, Medicaid and private insurance plans. Billing can be directed to a third party insurance plan, patient guarantor or the facility. Diamond also participates in all Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plans.

How do I place an order with Diamond?

Orders may be electronically transmitted, phoned, or faxed toll free to our pharmacy. Orders will be received at Diamond 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All incoming faxes are received by our fax server software, which ensures 100% accountability of receiving incoming faxes.

What other services does Diamond provide?

Diamond provides a complete line of medical equipment and supplies such as latex gloves, exam table paper, bandages, adult diapers and bluepads, diabetic supplies, braces, crutches, wound care, walkers, wheelchairs, hospital beds, urologicals etc. at the most competitive pricing.

What steps will be taken to prevent errors in prescription orders?

Diamond processes orders on a daily basis as they are transmitted. Prior to filling each prescription order, we will verify the accuracy, clarify unclear or illegible orders, and screen each resident’s complete medication profile to ensure safe and therapeutic medication dispensing prior to prescription delivery.

Who do we contact for emergency prescriptions after cut-off times?

Emergency prescriptions for stat orders will be provided by a pre-arranged subcontracted local back-up pharmacy. In order to use this service during regular business hours, simply contact your assigned pharmacy technician and request the emergency order. If after regular business hours, contact our answering service at 1.800.882.6337 to speak to an attendant who will assist you. The attendant will either connect you directly to a pharmacist or the pharmacist will call you back in a very timely manner. Our staff will then make the necessary arrangements with the back-up pharmacy. The emergency prescription will be delivered directly to your facility at no additional cost.

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